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Sail Plan

By filing a Sail Plan with the club, you will know that someone knows where you are and when you plan on returning. If you don't return on time, SBSC will contact you, and if you are unreachable, the coast guard and/or your emergency contact may be contacted to assist in finding you.  If you are in trouble, and don't have a way to contact the Coast Guard, the Sail Plan will mean help is on the way.
File a sail plan quickly and easily by filling out the  Open Sail Plan Form

When you return, make sure you fill out the very quick Close Sail Plan Form

Please note that the Sail plans are monitored by volunteers, and there may be times, for example if you are scheduled to come in late at night, where the response may be delayed. It's always a good idea to let someone who you know personally know when you expect to come in as well, this can improve response time when you are in trouble.